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"OTT Segment is Booming " says Mr Pradeep Dwivedi

Bhavana Bhatia , an award -winning renowned emcee of our country with over 10+years of emceeing landmark shows across the world , recently launched her first web-based leadership series titled ,“19 Influencers talk on COVID-19” in association with TechExp. In her 3rd Episode , she interviewed somebody who is an exceptional leader in the Media and Entertainment industry with over 25+ years, none other than Chief Executive Officer- India - Eros International Media Limited - Mr. Pradeep Dwivedi .

As Bhavana interviewed Mr Pradeep Dwivedi, she inferred that COVID-19 has presented a huge challenge on the entertainment side of the business .Theatrical Businesses have been impacted & television and entertainment Industry is getting jaded .Also the advertiser interest in advertising on certain mediums has reduced significantly however the segment that is booming currently is the OTT Segment . The television industry alongside presenting new content to viewers is also recalling popular content back . For ongoing production , green screen options are being explored ,where talent is recording scripts from home . Meanwhile for the completed shoots- post -production work including VFX is being focused upon. One can also expect many new upcoming movies to release on the OTT platform. With people spending more time on personal screens , the technology of TV Screen on an individualised Phone Screen will see significant growth .Also the digital industry in this quarter will go ahead of the television & theatrical Industry in the film & entertainment value chain . The market players are being advised to look at their brand essence & core values . Also,while drafting marketing plans the new environment unleashed by COVID-19 needs to be now considered along with being extremely sensitive and culturally alive . Currently, Eros Now is not intending to pursue a non-fiction strategy.

For full interview click the link below :

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