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"India will be a superpower by 2040 " says Dr Velumani

Bhavana Bhatia , an award-winning renowned emcee of our country with over 10+years of emceeing landmark shows across the world , recently launched her first web-based leadership series titled ,“19 Influencers talk on COVID-19” in association with TechExp. In her 4th Episode , she interviewed an infectious motivator and an incredible mentor, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Thyrocare - Dr A Velumani.

As Bhavana interviewed Dr A Velumani, she inferred that one cannot avoid COVID-19 but only delay it . The relief point lies in the fact that India has currently only 3-31/2 deaths per million & 99.99 % of the COVID-19 infected people have recovered. Thereby, though COVID-19 is called a pandemic, it appears to be fairly safe . Lockdown 3 in the Indian Subcontinent has been more damaging than salvaging . So now the common man needs to concentrate on earning his livelihood & should have confidence else he will die of fear than of the disease. COVID-19 has adversely impacted many industries globally , however 3 industries will primarily surge namely The Healthcare industry , The Wellness , Fitness & Nutrition Industry & The Personal Hygiene Industry . Amongst the 3 most adversely impacted industries due to the COVID-19 Pandemic would be the Airline industry ,The Travel & Tourism Industry & the Banquet Hall bookings Industry since limited people would be allowed in gatherings for months to come . Though in this entire chaos , there lies a silver lining for our country, India who has a unique advantage. India would have taken 50 years to become Number 1 without COVID-19 but now India can be expected to become the most powerful country by 2040 .

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