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"Maintain Good Partnerships & Find Local & Reliable Vendors " says Dr Rakesh Sinha

Bhavana Bhatia , An award -winning renowned emcee of our country with over 10+years of emceeing landmark shows across the world , recently launched her first web-based leadership series titled ,“19 Influencers talk on COVID-19” series in association with TechExp. In her 2nd Episode , she interviewed somebody who is veteran in the Supply Chain Industry with over 40+ years experience with 39+ years with the Godrej Group - none other than Dr Rakesh Sinha - CEO Reflexive Supply Chain Solutions .

As Bhavana interviewed Dr Rakesh Sinha she inferred that the supply chain industry catering to the FMCG sector due to COVID-19 has had disruptions on the supply, demand and the consumer behaviour front .During COVID-19 ,consumer tolerance time has gone up & consumers are no longer finicky thereby creating portfolio simplicity. To minimise the COVID-19 impact ,one needs to listen to consumers at all times, create a unified response for the consumer & work on satisfying consumer demands . Also creating a demand sensing capability as close to the consumer, bringing flexibility in all legs of the supply chain and providing faster response to the demand of the consumers can help a company be more responsive and agile. One needs to during COVID-19 times maintain a good partnership with their vendors and also find vendors local to the community . The road ahead for the supply chain industry catering to the FMCG Sector will witness a transition from sales driven supply chain to demand driven supply chain. With the attempt on developing more flexibility in their operations , new business models will emerge . E- commerce players in times to come shall gain importance.

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