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Issuance of Corona Bonds would be pivotal for Indian Economy to Reboot says R Kannan

Bhavana Bhatia , An award -winning renowned emcee of our country with over 10+years of emceeing landmark shows across the world , recently launched her first web-based leadership series titled ,“19 Influencers talk on COVID-19” series in association with TechExp. In her 1st episode , she interviewed somebody who is a finance leader with more than 30+years , none other than head corporate performance monitoring - Hinduja Group - R Kannan

As Bhavana interviewed R Kannan , she inferred that most economic activities have been on a standstill & only factories supplying essential goods have been operational . COVID-19 has affected every segment of society .To minimise the COVID-19 impact on the economy the government would now need to focus on health , fiscal ,monetary & financial policy . For now the Indian government has announced the stimulus measure of 1 lac crores in 1st phase and the RBI has brought 1.4 lakh crores of new notes into the system . To sail through the uncertain times, the finance leaders are advised to maintain liquidity in their companies and ensure the company's cost needs to be more biased towards variable expenses than fixed expenses. Also scenario-based budgeting now needs to happen. For ,Indian economy to reboot as a whole the government’s role will be pivotal as the capacity of the private sector to manage this crisis is limited . The government would be required to do an additional borrowing of 14 lac crores and also the corona bonds would need to be created . At the end of the third quarter , India will end up in a positive growth . A very good news for the viewers .

For the full episode view the below link :

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