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Music has always been a healer to me and once I got the opportunity to host a 3 day long digital musical festival, it was like a sweet rescue in the lockdown. I miss my live stage but I believe it's time to reinvent the wheel of entertainment, it's time to curate new concepts and most importantly it's time to stay focused and not lose sight of your goal. My goal has always been very simple, “ Do something which no-one has ever done in a way no one has ever thought of presenting." I always like to challenge my creativity with every project which comes my way.

Recently between the 13th-15th April, I got the humble opportunity of emceeing the Fusion Festival by the A&M studio powered by Fever 104 FM- Entertainment ka Baap and co- powered by The Crazy Yoggie Koffie. A #music for cause festival which allowed me to engage with music lovers across 8 hours daily for 3 days in a row.

Have you wondered how one can engage with the audience and ensure that during the festival spirit, the viewers are having a good time? Well, I believe I cracked that code just right.

During the 3 days- I personally wanted to entertain everyone through the platform of facebook live. Every live, I innovated my interaction - Right from talking about various engaging topics, humming a few lines of my favourite songs to sharing some dance moves online, every engagement was to ensure that before the next singer came live, my viewers had a good chat with me, got entertained and stayed glued to their mobile screens.

Also, I have always thought it is vital for me to have an audience to perform. I have always looked forward to an audience, be it 100 CEO’s or 20,000 + individuals in a concert while I emcee. With just a mobile screen in front of me and no sight of the audience, trust me I had to put double the efforts . I came to a realisation that the biggest power source to any artist is not the stage, not the audience but the willingness one carries to perform their best. Just like any live event , due to technical issues an emcee would need to step in, here as well I would do the same ensuring the fusion festival never lost its flow . Honestly if I rewind it all back , The 3 days consisted of great engagement entailing great energy , unlimited surprises and lingering smiles.

I feel every initiative is a team effort - A big shout out to Manpreet Singh Kochar - Founder A&M studio for bestowing me with this opportunity, Gaurav Sharma - Fever 104 Fm -

"Entertainment ka baap” tagline coins you in totality, Aparupa Sur Kochar- Your crazy yogi koffie kept me going, Mandeep Malhotra - CEO-The Social Street, Padmini for her invaluable coordination and last but not the least my co-host Joe Bhatt- you made the 3 days so smooth. Thank you all.

I would like to conclude by saying in lines of William Shakespeare,” All the World’s my stage - All the men and women merely players .”  Keep performing - Keep Entertaining 

To stay connected you can get in touch with me on or visit my website

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