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  • Anchor Bhavana Bhatia

Beautiful like a portrait : Bhavana Bhatia with DJ Alex Mumbai

It truly was a BEAUTIFUL experience . The collective of DJ Alex Mumbai was present in the beautiful city of Jaipur . They all took love for music to a whole new level. With the artists across the world performing together it surely was a spectacle to watch and a show to attend . It was anchored by the award winning emcee, Bhavana Bhatia .

Lets have a look at the event in a snippet :)

Bhavana looked resplendent in a velvet finish Indian Attire finished with fine pearls as accessories .

The event started with DJ Alex Mumbai taking on the stage with everyone already in the mood to shake a leg . As the music started the entire dance floor was filled with energy and enthusiasm as he played some of the most entertaining tracks for them .

Till next time , stay awesome everyone .

Lets have a look at the craziness of the event through a glimpse :)

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